About Stephanie Cerins

My goal in life is to “Cheer Up The Planet”.

A woman standing in sea water holding a single long stem red rose.
I felt the ocean love me as I walked into the water, there was a single long stem red rose floating in the Salish Sea, it felt as if it was just for me.

I cheer up the planet by writing personalized affirmations for the Happiness Hunters that are drawn to me for support.  Another way I bring joy to the world is by smiling, being friendly, accepting, helpful, delightful, open hearted, funny, uplifting, trustworthy and my big belly laugh generates joy for all to hear.

Being a Holistic Healer fuels my heart and helps me accomplish my goal of bringing cheer to the planet.  I share Reflexology, Reiki and Empathic LIstening with my patrons so that when their healing session is finished they feel centred, grounded and more connected to their inner source of calmness.

I understand that the only person I can hope to change is me, so I invest in my mental health by focusing on all I have to be grateful for every day.   I am capable of being thankful for everything.  I create a good story about my life, where I am the hero, so that I feel good about me.  I fill my own heart with hope, holding my dream to leave a legacy of joy in the world as my focus and I leave the rest to the Universe.  I get up, cheer up and detach for the best results in life.

Thank you for stopping by my blog today.  I would love to hear what brings joy to you or help you reach into your own loving heart for your well spring of delight.  Thank you for sharing your perfect self with me.  I Love You.  :~)

All the art images and images of Original Earrings are created by my creative life partner Robert Cerins (www.robertcerins.com).

My life and writing is blessed that Robert support’s me with his art, attitude and loving hugs.

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  1. Hey Stephanie, Thanks for your happy blog~! I have a similar theme.
    I have a question for you. How do you put all those “share” buttons on your posts?
    “Share this: Please & Thank You!
    Press This, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Print, StumbleUpon, LinkedIn, Email, Digg, Tumblr”
    I’d love to have those on my baby blog~!

    • Good Morning Laurie Hayden,

      I love your glass art creations! I wish I could take credit for putting all those buttons on my site but wordpress did it for me and they are doing it for you too, if you go to this link of your blog post you shall see what I mean you have all those buttons thanks to wordpress as do I. Here is a link to your site http://fortifymylife.wordpress.com/2013/07/14/learning-to-fly/ at the bottom of every post you post are all those buttons you just must click on the title of your blog so you get an individual post instead of all your posts in a row, like when you click on your home button. Congratulations on your book deal. I look forward to getting to know you. I asked to be your facebook friend. I look forward to knowing about your book. I hope this helped. Welcome to the blogosphere! :~)

  2. What brings me happiness today?

    Finding one who understands that by healing ourselves, we are healing the planet. I am honored to have bumped into you over on ErIk’s blog.

    You have made what can be the desert of the real, bloom and have EARNED the reality that roses will fall at your feet. You are creating a truly exquisite art piece of self. Blessings on your beautiful and courageous head.

    (I am trying to link a little vimeo love note video for you here, but I think your format is blocking my ability to post it… if this is so, it is one linked in my blog of post of 8/9/13 entitled “Change Within The Spiral of Creation” and the video is called “The Fertile Desert”… it is just a visually beautiful piece celebrating what it is you understand and are doing here on this blog and in your life 🙂 )


    • Good Morning Maren,

      Thank you for the lovely video. My husband Robert took me to the 2004 Burning Man, so as soon as the video started my first thought was “this is Burning Man”. Yes, I believe that when I am able to channel the love that I am, to my thoughts, feelings, actions and intentions, then I shall be a being vibrating the frequency of love, creation and life. I am connected to each heart that pulses because I have a pulsing heart.

      My hope is to collect and redistribute love to share with everyone I meet.

      Thank you again for your lovely comment, your time, energy and attention. Gratitude Dance.

      • This is what I was doing in 2004 (linked just for a little lol for you):


        I have never been to burning man. My hubby has been invited to speak there, but the time to attend has not yet coordinated with the schedule attached to the flow of the living done in the day to day adventures that compose our lives :). One year I am sure the stars will align.

        I took a little look over the rest of your blog (at at your husbands site) as well. The art that you are creating in the living of your lives is packed with such wonderful presence that unfolds in the sharing of it!

        Joy on yOur journey,


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