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To Help YOU Connect and Listen To Your Hearts!

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Stephanie is a Certified HeartMath® Mentor HeartMath® helps you listen to your wise intuitive heart. When you are ready to connect to your knowledgeable heart make an appointment with Stephanie.

Become A Happiness Enhancer

Helping YOU dive deep into your heart to discover the Peace & Happiness waiting there for you. May you love & listen to yourself.

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Stephanie would love to help you achieve a goal you have or conquer a problem in your life! Receive A Free Personalized Affirmation to help YOU be Abundant, Confident and Calm.

Books Stephanie Has Written

  • Exploring My Grief Affirmation

    Exploring My Grief Affirmation

    I have a chance today to comfort my grief in healthy ways. In order for me to evolve and become an enlightened spiritual being it is important for me to know one day I will shed my earthly meat suit and transform back to golden light. For so long I was scared of the discomfort… Read more

  • Enjoying Myself Affirmation

    Enjoying Myself Affirmation

    As I walk in the woods on this beautiful path of speckled light shining through the Fir, Cedar and Arbutus trees inhaling the invigorating smell of the forest, I feel alive. It is a miracle that I have finally fallen in love with me. Instead of investing my time and energy in another relationship I… Read more

  • Building Good Habits Affirmation

    Building Good Habits Affirmation

    I am excited to know that with dedication I can improve my life. The secret is I just need to create a few new habits. The good part about creating new habits is, that is something I am able to do in my own home. I am in charge of my habits. I can let… Read more

  • Being A Good Friend Affirmation

    Being A Good Friend Affirmation

    In order for me to be a good friend it is important for me to use all of my senses so I am able to pay attention to my friends body language, tone of voice and vibrational energy. As my friend tells me how her boss grabbed her ass with tears in her eyes, my… Read more

  • Being Aware Of The Energy I Emit Affirmation

    Being Aware Of The Energy I Emit Affirmation

    For me to have a life I love it is up to me to emit love as often as possible. While I am doing laundry I can love the inventor of the washing machine. When I see the announcer on the news telling me about who is fighting who in the world I pray a… Read more

  • Letting Anger Go

    Letting Anger Go

    I, ___(My Name Here)___, choose to make my emotions important to me. In the past I was annoyed by my emotions always getting me to feel frustrated and impatient. Today when I feel flummoxed I listen to my emotions so that my heart feels heard. When I listen to my feelings my heart relaxes faster… Read more


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