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Books Stephanie Has Written

  • Season 2 Episode 62 My Angry Grief

    Season 2 Episode 62 My Angry Grief! When we grieve, we feel angry sometimes for being left behind while our loved one is somewhere but we cannot find them. It is like some awful game of hide and seek. We keep seeking for our loved one but the only place they are is in our… Read more

  • Season 2 Episode 61 Eating For Coolness Or Reducing Hot Flashes With The Reiki Healer Stephanie :~)

    Today, Stephanie got the pleasure of hosting a short podcast by her lonesome because April got called into work. She will share a bit about her journey through Menopause. Stephanie was plagued by night sweats for a few years and is still having hot flashes since she was 52. An Ayurvedic Practioner Stephanie knows named… Read more

  • Today’s Affirmation “Personal Responsibility Wins”

    Today’s Affirmation “Personal Responsibility Wins”

    I, (Insert My Name Here), choose to be responsible for all of my successes and my failures so that I feel whole. When I am accountable for my behaviour I am no longer a victim. I am a Victor! Being responsible in my life gifts me with feelings of empowerment and strength. Feeling empowered is… Read more

  • Making My Own Karma

    If we created in you a smile, a giggle, a tear or any emotions or thoughts please share our podcast so we can reach more people. Blessings, Read more

  • #53 Michael Hardin Looking For Love Part 2 the 1st episode of our 2nd season we were blessed to have Michael Hardin on our podcast again. Michael’s wife transformed back to golden light a few years ago. Michael is looking for a life partner who thirsts for spiritual truths, rock and roll, and football! We enjoyed sharing our dating experiences with Michael,… Read more

  • Ella Morelle Helps Us Set Boundaries! Epi. 51 of Reiki Healer and The Church Girl Podcast On Tonights Podcast we got to talk to Ella Morelle! Ella is a counselor that helps her clients set boundaries and grow in their ability to have self-love and self-trust. We hope you enjoy listening to our podcast as much as we enjoyed recording it! Next week is out ONE-YEAR Anniversary! We will be… Read more