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Books Stephanie Has Written

  • Bravely Connecting With Friends

    Bravely Connecting With Friends

    Today I have a chance to connect with people who inspire me. My time is valuable so I invest my moments with friends and loved ones who help me grow into an enlightened human. It is up to me to exude loving energy to myself first and to everyone I meet next.  Every person I… Read more

  • #38 Permission To Grieve

    #38 Permission To Grieve

    Today’s podcast #38 Permission To Grieve Stephanie and April Read an Affirmation from their book “Healing My Heart, After A Loss” . It is so important for me to gift myself with time to grieve. To take long walks in the forest or have long talks with friends the pain in my heart needs to… Read more

  • # 37 Reiki Healer & The Church Girl Discuss Affirmation #33 from Healing My Heart, After Domestic Abuse

    Stephanie was overjoyed when April suggested they discuss an affirmation from Stephanie’s first Affirmation book. After getting out of a relationship dominated by domestic abuse Stephanie wants to share how affirmations saved her life and how they might save yours. Read more

  • # 35 Michael Hardin Shares His Unique Ideas About God, Jesus and Memetic Theory

    # 35 Michael Hardin Shares His Unique Ideas About God, Jesus and Memetic Theory

    Today’s podcast Michael Hardin a fascinating Teacher, Retired Preacher and Philosopher. His ideas about a God that is loving and how people are effected by each other in Memetic Theory and Grief were comforting. I love the stories we hear as we record our podcast. If you want to share how you Make The World… Read more

  • International Woman’s Day Affirmation.

    International Woman’s Day Affirmation.

    May all women everywhere feel loved, respected, heard, and capable! Bless You! Hugs. <3 Read more

  • Believing Believing In My Ability To Connect To Hearts With My WritingBelieving

    I, _________, have a chance today to share my ability to open the hearts of every person who reads my words. I embrace my opportunity to cheer up others with my uplifting attitude and friendly phrases. I write words that provide hope for the heart. My words have the ability to paint an image in… Read more