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To Help YOU Connect and Listen To Your Hearts!

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Stephanie is a Certified HeartMath® Mentor HeartMath® helps you listen to your wise intuitive heart. When you are ready to connect to your knowledgeable heart make an appointment with Stephanie.

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Helping YOU dive deep into your heart to discover the Peace & Happiness waiting there for you. May you love & listen to yourself.

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Stephanie would love to help you achieve a goal you have or conquer a problem in your life! Receive A Free Personalized Affirmation to help YOU be Abundant, Confident and Calm.

Books Stephanie Has Written

  • Being Aware Of The Energy I Emit Affirmation

    Being Aware Of The Energy I Emit Affirmation

    For me to have a life I love it is up to me to emit love as often as possible. While I am doing laundry I can love the inventor of the washing machine. When I see the announcer on the news telling me about who is fighting who in the world I pray a… Read more

  • Letting Anger Go

    Letting Anger Go

    I, ___(My Name Here)___, choose to make my emotions important to me. In the past I was annoyed by my emotions always getting me to feel frustrated and impatient. Today when I feel flummoxed I listen to my emotions so that my heart feels heard. When I listen to my feelings my heart relaxes faster… Read more

  • Loving My Work Affirmation

    Loving My Work Affirmation

    I, ___(My Name Here)___, love my work. Since I am going to be spending about one third of my life creating abundance I choose to love whatever work I am doing in the moment. To me the most important part of working is discovering ways to enjoy the work I am doing as much as… Read more

  • Taking Charge Of My Health Affirmation

    Taking Charge Of My Health Affirmation

    I, ___(My Name Here)___, am the person who is responsible for my well-being. Since I want to be healthy as long as I am breathing I make positive changes to my eating plan that fill each cell of my body with wholeness. Anytime my body communicates to me that it is uncomfortable I respond by… Read more

  • Making Life Joyful Affirmation

    Making Life Joyful Affirmation

    I, ___(my name here)___, have a chance to prepare to be joyful today. Each moment of my life is a chance to apply my skill of being happy for every reason. I can be happy when I receive good news or I can be happy when I receive news I now have a problem in… Read more

  • Why I Love Affirmations! Podcast

    This week I felt like it would be fun to let you know why I am so passionate about writing affirmations. I really needed positive thinking books, self-help books, salesmanship books, success books, spiritual books and also Harry Potter! LOL Books saved my life so I hope to write affirmations capable of helping others be… Read more


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