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  • #53 Michael Hardin Looking For Love Part 2

    https://open.spotify.com/episode/08cIW2YAQrXcZFqsUierGsIn the 1st episode of our 2nd season we were blessed to have Michael Hardin on our podcast again. Michael’s wife transformed back to golden light a few years ago. Michael is looking for a life partner who thirsts for spiritual truths, rock and roll, and football! We enjoyed sharing our dating experiences with Michael,…

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  • Fitness Friday Push Ups Make Us Sexy

    I always disliked exercise until about a year and a half ago. Now I almost enjoy it! LOL What I do enjoy about exercising is the results! My body feels stronger and more capable that it has in a decade. I learned from watching a #JRE that even Joe Rogan sometimes has to convince himself…

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  • Paleo Monday Making Bone Broth Better

    I love making bone broth from chicken bones, beef bones and the other day I used pigs feet to make bone broth. In my heart is feels right to use every bit of the animal once we have slaughtered the sacred animals. It is interesting how much our bodies need collagen and that the collagen…

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