Affirmation, Gratitude & Persistence

Vlog #64 is about the fun of persistence, being grateful for an internet piano learning program and for momentum.

Today’s Affirmation; I, _________, (insert your name here to enjoy being persistent) am willing to embrace being persistent today in an aspect of my life where I have been procrastinating. When I am incorporating a new habit into my life, whether it be exercising, eating well or committing to my work, when I follow my own set routine, I get into a groove of fulfilling my schedule of good habits which creates momentum, that in turn inspires me to get up again the next day to start my set routine. My inner cheer leader inspires me to exercise and I feel rejuvenated as I have momentum from the days past where I did exercise that gives me courage to continue on. It is easier to sustain my health regiment when I am focused on listening to my strengths. Thank you for being present today. Thank you for being persistent in all you care about today. I Love YOU. <3 :~)

an image of a tree growing out of a crack in the dirt, the little tree has three green leaves.
To Grow Where We Are Is The Most Powerful Act We Can Do. <3 :~)

Today I am grateful for discovering a web site that is devoted to teaching the piano called Piano Marvel there is a free app that allows my electric grand piano to be plugged into my mac laptop so now the Piano Marvel app records how long I practice, has lots of sheet music, has sight reading tests, has a free account option that really is allowing me to improve my piano playing for free and only cost $ 99.99 a year to sign up for the most expensive package, (I am loving practicing!), for the way the Yamaha Piano company made the jack in the back of my piano, just like a printer cable so I did not even need to purchase a new cable. in order to make the connection between computer and piano function, Hooray! and for drinking a new tea made of sage, alfalfa, vitex, red clover, red raspberry and a touch of licorice with the hope that the sage, vitex and other ingredients will encourage my entire body to cool down in the night as I sleep. I feel the tea is helping because I have drank the tea for the last two days and last night I slept 8 hours with only about one and a half hours being awake during the night. Thank you for being here with me today. Thank you for courageously discovering something to be grateful for today. I Love You. <3 :~)

an image of a laptop computer a midi cord and a electric keyboard
The Most Amazing Piano Teaching Tool Ever! It inspires me to practice because it is fun. <3

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