I Set Boundaries With Love In My Heart Affirmation 33

Hello Happiness Enhancers! Here is Affirmation 33 from my next book “Healing My Heart, To Be Lovable & Loving” I am entering the HayHouse Authorpreneurship Challenge. Please share my affirmations if you love them to help promote my line of Happiness Is Healthy Affirmation Books. Thank you in advance.

I would love to write you a personalized affirmation on any subject. First Affirmation is Free. Blessings,

I Set Boundaries With Love In My Heart

I do my best to listen to my feelings when I am uncomfortable in any situation or relationship. 

Anytime I am uncomfortable with someone’s behaviour I can leave the area or ask for help in the situation from someone I trust.

I choose to hang out with people who are responsible for their emotions, actions and responses. 

Affirmation Thirty-Three

Each and every day I can decide if the situations and relationships in my life are healthy for me.  Now that I enjoy my own company and I am comfortable being alone I am empowered to choose friendships that feed my soul.  My heart needs to feel safe in my friendships so any time someone wants to come over to see me and my gut clenches up I must check in to see what is up with me.

It is ok for me to say to I am uncomfortable anytime I am actually feeling uncomfortable.  LOL, LOL, LOL, Yes, It Is!  That way my inner child feels safe, and my confidence level soars.  When I witness myself asking for help at the times, I am uncomfortable my heart squeals with fear.  I comfort myself that it is human to need help in uncomfortable situations. 

Ever since I have learned to love myself even when others say no to me it has been easier for me to set my boundaries and say no.  Then when I say yes, I mean it which allows my heart to enjoy my work and my family in the way I have always dreamed!  Setting Boundaries Sets My Heart Free!

I am a realistic child of Universal Love and Universal Love helps me see my reality through my heart.  I Am Love.  :~)

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