• Being My Own Superhero Affirmation

    Being My Own Superhero Affirmation

    Today is the chance I have been waiting for to bravely follow the path Universal Love wrote in my heart when I was conceived. I take actions that bring a sense of courage to my heart and I feel alive. I incarnated to express my gifts of kindness, compassion and helpfulness. The world needs me… Read more

  • Building Resilience Affirmation

    Building Resilience Affirmation

    I have a chance today to exercise my muscles of resilience. It is possible for me to be more resilient today than I was yesterday. There are many ways to build up my battery of resilience a few of the best ways to be resilient are; 1. To breathe deeply when ever I feel my… Read more

  • Eating Organic Feels Great!

    As I write this I have been eating 99% organic food since 1994. In the USA in 1994 some scientists thought it would be a good idea to put a gene from a cod fish into a tomato so that the tomato would be able to grow in a colder climate. In my own view… Read more

  • Releasing Stress Easily Affirmation

    Meditation is a coping technique adopted by many spiritual seekers throughout time! Today whatever news I hear about world events I trust that everything works out for the best for me! I shall use my emotional, physical and mental health for constructive actions. The world needs my common sense, calmness and open heart to express… Read more

  • Connecting With My Sexual Self

    When I love myself that is when I am fit to be loved by another! I, ___(My Name Here)___, choose to love my body in the form and shape that my body is in right now. I appreciate my sexy body. My body is capable of having an orgasm! It is up to me to… Read more

  • Connecting With My Body Affirmation

    I, ___(My Name Here)___, get one body for this lifetime. It is up to me to treasure my earthly space suit. My body was created exactly for the environment on planet earth. What my body needs is protein, vegetables and fruits because that is what grows on planet earth. When I eat simple food prepared… Read more

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