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  • Taking Charge Of My Health Affirmation

    Taking Charge Of My Health Affirmation

    I, ___(My Name Here)___, am the person who is responsible for my well-being. Since I want to be healthy as long as I am breathing I make positive changes to my eating plan that fill each cell of my body with wholeness. Anytime my body communicates to me that it is uncomfortable I respond by…

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  • Today’s Affirmation HIH #279 HeartMath Friday

    Today’s Affirmation The #HeartMath class I am taking right now is affirming my life’s work of being happy. Happiness is a state of the heart. Each day is another chance to make up a hopeful story about whatever it is that is going on in my life. Each moment is an opportunity to accept that…

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  • Today’s Affirmation HIH #172 Protecting Ourselves From Cancer

    Spending a bit of time each day protects us from cancer and many other issues. It is empowering to be proactive in caring for our health. Blessings, Thank you for being here. :~) <3

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  • Kimchi & Sauerkraut Opening The Crocks

    Creating homemade food to nourish my family calms my heart. Kimchi and Sauerkraut help keep us healthy and happy by filling our bellies with millions of healthy probiotics. What do you love to create that nourishes your body? Please nourish your generous self! I Love YOU!

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  • Organic Vegan Kimchi

    Organic Vegan Kimchi is a yummy way to nourish your gut flora. Here is a video from when I made our last batch. <3 :~)

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