Taking Charge Of My Health Affirmation

I, ___(My Name Here)___, am the person who is responsible for my well-being. Since I want to be healthy as long as I am breathing I make positive changes to my eating plan that fill each cell of my body with wholeness. Anytime my body communicates to me that it is uncomfortable I respond by acknowledging the feeling my body is sending me. Does my body have a rash that is itchy, a pain that is hurting, or is my stomach letting me know I really need to eat something different because it is constipated? Every time my body feels something besides optimal health I take positive action.

Once I realized that grains and dairy products were giving me terrible eczema I quit eating all grains and dairy and my life time of eczema is now gone after only eight weeks of being grain and dairy free. It is wonderful that I have the power to keep my rashes away by eating a fat based Ketogenic grain and dairy free eating plan. I use my power of reason to discern what my body is asking me to eat and how my body wants me to eat. Since I want a wholesome body I am going to start my health journey by eating wholesome local organic foods. I am going to find the nearest farmers market, meet some of the local farmers and taste some fresh local organic produce. Just walking through the farmers market seeing the vibrant bright orange pumpkins, the dark green acorn squashes and the bright green Brussels sprout trees that make me think we live in outer space, just to name of few of the lovely fresh organic vegetables to be had!

My body is excited to be nourished by the whole food produced by nature. My body wants me to eat the colorful rainbow of organic vegetables purple potatoes, black rice, purple carrots, green cabbage, white daikon and watermelon radishes that are green and white on the outside and pink and white on the inside! Universal Love gifted me with a Farmacy of food. I remember the quote “Let Food Be Thy Medicine”. I make every meal a celebration of health. I go to the store and pick out the vegetables that are growing in season near where I live. I take to heart that I am what I eat. Eating well is living well.

Eating well means I eat potatoes I peel. I eat salads that I chop up myself. I repeat the mantra I Love To Cook. I Love To Cook. I love To Wash Dishes. I Love To Wash Dishes because that means I have a full belly. It is up to me to convince myself that what is good for me is also what is fun for me. If I really want to feel good I must eat fresh organic vegetables and fruits, grass fed beef, free range chicken, grass fed cheese and drink purified water. It is also important to me to eat animals that are raised in a respectful manner and fed with a species appropriate eating plan. The animals and plants I eat must be nourished properly so that I trust from this day forward I make feeding myself as if I am royalty a priority! Putting my health first is what is going to make my future life worth living.

I am doing my best to be the best person I can be. The best way to be my best self is to buy the best food available. My future self is rooting for me to eat the vegetables, to take full responsibility for my health and to enjoy what is good for me.

I am a satiated child of Universal Love and Universal Love is grateful to me for taking care of my earthly meat suit it is the only one I get.

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