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  • Building Good Habits Affirmation

    Building Good Habits Affirmation

    I am excited to know that with dedication I can improve my life. The secret is I just need to create a few new habits. The good part about creating new habits is, that is something I am able to do in my own home. I am in charge of my habits. I can let…

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  • Taking Charge Of My Health Affirmation

    Taking Charge Of My Health Affirmation

    I, ___(My Name Here)___, am the person who is responsible for my well-being. Since I want to be healthy as long as I am breathing I make positive changes to my eating plan that fill each cell of my body with wholeness. Anytime my body communicates to me that it is uncomfortable I respond by…

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  • Eating Organic Feels Great!

    As I write this I have been eating 99% organic food since 1994. In the USA in 1994 some scientists thought it would be a good idea to put a gene from a cod fish into a tomato so that the tomato would be able to grow in a colder climate. In my own view…

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  • Connecting With My Body Affirmation

    I, ___(My Name Here)___, get one body for this lifetime. It is up to me to treasure my earthly space suit. My body was created exactly for the environment on planet earth. What my body needs is protein, vegetables and fruits because that is what grows on planet earth. When I eat simple food prepared…

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  • Being On “Living Your Juiciest Life Ever” Podcast!

    It was my blessing to be a part of the podcast “Living Your Juiciest Life Ever!” Kate interviews women who have discovered how to truly be happy. I felt honored to be asked to be a part of her inspiring new blog. The podcast is hosted by interviewer extraordinaire Kate Unger asked me to come…

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  • Today’s Affirmation HIH #338 Connecting With My Heart

    It is really rewarding to connect with my heart. My heart is my powerhouse of intuition and wisdom. There are even studies that show human hearts have a bit of foreknowledge that people can tap into with practice. Allowing me to bravely listen to my heart and follow it’s whispers leads me to great joy.…

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  • Today’s Affirmation HIH # 331 Being Happy Now

    Instead of waiting for some future event to create happiness in my heart. I choose to make being happy the goal of my life. I am happy when it rains as if I was a duck. I am happy when it snows as if I am a polar bear. I am happy when it is…

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  • Today’s Affirmation HIH #307

    What makes me happy is food with just one or few ingredients. Since 1994 one of my motto’s has been to eat only things with pronounceable names like apples, cabbage, dill, steak, fish, pork and daikon. Thank you Happiness Enhancers for nourishing your beautiful body with food that Mother Nature grew. I Love YOU! <3…

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  • Today’s Affirmation HIH #306 Meditation Monday HeartMath

    Meditating is one time tested way to increase the happiness we experience. It is up to us to spend time actually doing what we know is good for us. We are our own best ally. We have the chance to invest in our wellness each day by spending time in silence being still. Focusing on…

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