Connecting With My Body Affirmation

I, ___(My Name Here)___, get one body for this lifetime. It is up to me to treasure my earthly space suit. My body was created exactly for the environment on planet earth. What my body needs is protein, vegetables and fruits because that is what grows on planet earth. When I eat simple food prepared by me in my home my body has energy galore.

After I eat my body must digest the food I have eaten and turn that food into energy. Eating food that is fresh, whole and nutrient dense is the easiest on my digestion. My microbiome is my true home because to be healthy I must digest all the food I consume. It is just as important that I am able to defecate after I eat as digest the food. My body needs me to poop everyday to be healthy.

My body is counting on me to feed me what my entire body needs not just my tongue. My hair and skin need collagen to be smooth and supple. I can make homemade soup to get collagen or I can go to a health food store and get a big container of collagen and add a scoop to my fresh squeezed orange juice.

Then once I have nourished myself with wholesome foods it is up to me to get some exercise. Just like the animals I have need to be walked so they are healthy, I also need to be walked. My body longs to be winded, sweaty and challenged to be at my healthiest. Each cell of my body is energized when I get physical. The blessings of exercise are abundant, I get more energy, I feel lighter on my feet and I feel like a child again as I ride my bike on the tree lined path near my home.

Each and every day is a chance for me to create longevity in my life. I breathe deeply. I speak sweetly. I do my best to enjoy the good and the uncomfortable in my life as if I am a spiritual master. I am enough.

I am a cherished child of Universal Love and Universal Love is thrilled when I care for my earthly meat suit.

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