Connecting With My Sexual Self

When I love myself that is when I am fit to be loved by another!

I, ___(My Name Here)___, choose to love my body in the form and shape that my body is in right now. I appreciate my sexy body. My body is capable of having an orgasm! It is up to me to discover how to gift myself with an orgasm and then find someone else to get to share my orgasms with for even more fun. My genitals are filled with nerves that were designed to bring me great pleasure and stress relief. When my body experiences the release of an orgasm Oxytocin floods the cells of my body and I relax. Oxytocin is the bonding chemical my body releases to help me stay connected to my lover. My lover and I need each other to be trusting and trustworthy. The higher the level of trust between us the better the orgasms!

I am grateful to know that my sex drive is natural and normal. The same creative force that made my heart and brain made my clitoris. All mammals on planet want to connect sexually with another mammal. When I enjoy my own body I will be able to explain what my body enjoys sexually so that I am able to communicate my sexual needs with my lover. I also enjoy when my lover shares their sexual desires with me. I honor my lover’s request as long as I am comfortable with the said request and feel I too will enjoy the sexual act I am preforming.

Since I have learned to enjoy pleasuring myself my sex life got much more satisfying and relaxed. I now trust my body is capable of reaching orgasm. Woooo Hooooo! I am blessed to have the experience of oxytocin flowing through my entire being helping me feel connected to my lover and every other human on planet.

My heart feels relaxed and connected to source energy because I feel the creative life force in every atom of my being after having an orgasm. I was created to love and be loved.

I am a satisfied child of Universal Love and Universal Love feels satisfied when I feel content.

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