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  • Season 2 Episode 62 My Angry Grief

    Season 2 Episode 62 My Angry Grief! When we grieve, we feel angry sometimes for being left behind while our loved one is somewhere but we cannot find them. It is like some awful game of hide and seek. We keep seeking for our loved one but the only place they are is in our…

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  • Ella Morelle Helps Us Set Boundaries! Epi. 51 of Reiki Healer and The Church Girl Podcast

    https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/stephanie-cerins/episodes/51-Ella-Morelle-Helps-Us-Set-Boundaries-e26fqu9 On Tonights Podcast we got to talk to Ella Morelle! Ella is a counselor that helps her clients set boundaries and grow in their ability to have self-love and self-trust. We hope you enjoy listening to our podcast as much as we enjoyed recording it! Next week is out ONE-YEAR Anniversary! We will be…

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  • Being Aware Of My Inner Chatter Affirmation

    Being Aware Of My Inner Chatter Affirmation

    It is possible for me to change my life one choice at a time. The first step to changing my life is for me to decide what I really really want in my life. Once I have decided what I want then it is up to me to take concrete actions as often as possible…

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  • Being Ok With My Life

    Being Ok With My Life

    Today I make an effort to accept whatever happens today as ok. If I get a reward for a job well done I accept the praise with ease. In the few times in my life someone has been upset with me I accept their displeasure with ease as well. Allowing myself to flow with the…

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  • #38 Permission To Grieve

    #38 Permission To Grieve

    Today’s podcast #38 Permission To Grieve Stephanie and April Read an Affirmation from their book “Healing My Heart, After A Loss” . It is so important for me to gift myself with time to grieve. To take long walks in the forest or have long talks with friends the pain in my heart needs to…

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  • # 37 Reiki Healer & The Church Girl Discuss Affirmation #33 from Healing My Heart, After Domestic Abuse

    Stephanie was overjoyed when April suggested they discuss an affirmation from Stephanie’s first Affirmation book. After getting out of a relationship dominated by domestic abuse Stephanie wants to share how affirmations saved her life and how they might save yours.

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  • Accepting My Grief podcast

    Accepting My Grief podcast

    Here is this weeks podcast. We hope you enjoy it. We explore how to accept the grief and loss in our lives. New perceptions means growth and feeing alive. Please let us know what issues you are having in your life and April and I will create a personalized affirmation with a lovely image for…

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  • May This “Grieving My Friends” Affirmation Bring You Comfort.

    May This “Grieving My Friends” Affirmation Bring You Comfort.

    Stephanie and April discuss PATH (Planning Alternative Tomorrows with Hope). Five years ago April did a PATH for Stephanie. Stephanie and April talk about the PATH and all the goals that had come true in the last five years since they had done it. Just one of the goals Stephanie had put on the PATH…

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  • Interviewing Jules Hik Empowerment Coach

    It was the pleasure of Stephanie & April to interview Jules Hik.  Jules is a lady that has learned much from the school of life!  She is an intuitive with the skills of NLP and Hypnosis.  She helps with shifting ENERGY!  She studies Quantum Physics, a subject close to Stephanie’s heart.  Jules has written a book called…

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