Releasing Stress Easily Affirmation

Meditation is a coping technique adopted by many spiritual seekers throughout time!

Today whatever news I hear about world events I trust that everything works out for the best for me! I shall use my emotional, physical and mental health for constructive actions. The world needs my common sense, calmness and open heart to express possibility, hope and heart felt connections. As long as I am alive there will be good will in the world because I choose to create kindness and cooperation.

I am 99.9% the same as every person on planet earth. I am the same as people who are a different color from me, their blood is the same color as mine. All humans are the same species. I imagine people of every walk of life, color and social position joining together to create organic gardens that nourish the bodies and the spirits of everyone who walks through them. My collective future is in my helpful hands. When I pick up a cane for an elderly lady who dropped her cane the world becomes a better place. As I stop to give a pan handler a five dollar bill my gift is seeing his smile and knowing I made a difference in his day. By caring for the strangers that cross my path Universal Love will put helpful strangers in my path when I am in need.

I am designing my future so post traumatic growth is the result of all my experiences and relationships. My attitude is what makes it possible to have post traumatic growth instead of post traumatic stress. My perspective has changed over the years since I decided that I shall be thankful for everything!

I shall be grateful there are wars as I will be grateful when there is peace. Just because humans are killing each other my blood pressure is stable because I pray for the victims and the victors. It is up to me to exude calmness for every heart to feel. I have made it my life’s mission to create an uplifting story about every situation in my life. I am thankful for my successes and my failures because as long as I learn from my troubles I have still gained valuable life experience.

My heart feels connected to every heart that beats when I look for how I am similar to each person I meet. It feels wonderful to embrace everyone as perfectly imperfect even myself then I am able to be gentle with myself when I am the one who made a blunder. The biggest gift of being gentle with myself when I have a slip up is being patient with my friends and loved ones when they make a faux pas!

Then at the times when the world seems too overwhelming I sit in the quiet asking Universal Love to calm my heart as I repeatedly breathe deeply relaxing the master Vagus Nerve that runs from my brain, to my heart, to my lungs, to my stomach and to my digestive organs. Which is the time tested way to quiet my entire nervous system and enhance my awareness. I am capable of being resilient and courageous.

I am a competent child of Universal Love and Universal Love feels safe when I am breathing deeply and trusting that all is well in my world.

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