Eating Organic Feels Great!

Eating Organic Is A Form Of Self Love.  :~)

As I write this I have been eating 99% organic food since 1994. In the USA in 1994 some scientists thought it would be a good idea to put a gene from a cod fish into a tomato so that the tomato would be able to grow in a colder climate. In my own view it is wrong to put gene from a fish into a tomato plant as tomato plants and fish cannot mate.

My heart was so uncomfortable with the idea of eating genetically modified food I made a commitment to eat only organic food that has the genes Universal Love put there in there. Since Universal Love made my body, all the animals and all the plants I want to eat the animals and plants as close to the way Universal Love made them as I can get. My body thrives when I eat wholesome organic food cooked by me.

It is even better when I buy food from the organic farmers that grow food in my local area. Being able to see the cows I eat running around in the grassy fields happy and content with their cow friends before they are on my plate warms my heart. Knowing that my food was grown with real poop instead of chemical fertilizers fills all the cells in my body with nutrition.

I am now just days away from being 59 years young. I am healthy. I am free of medication from the doctors and I am happy most days. I credit my good mental and physical health from eating 99% organic food grown as locally as possible. I have spent more on food for the last 29 than most people do but the benefits are worth it. Good health is the best wealth to me.

Organic food has the benefit of tasting better than conventionally grown food because organic food is grown as nature intended by people who value the life the plants have so that the plants can give back life to the farmer. Organic food is also grown by people who care for the land for future generations. Organic food also cares for the water table because animal poop feeds the worms, bacteria and bugs which enables the dirt to hold more water protecting the farm from floods. Organic land managment actually rebuilds the soil

I am responsible child of Universal Love and Universal Love is thrilled I am caring my my body and planet earth by eating organic.

P.S. While I was driving through New Mexico from Truth Or Consequences to Silver City I stopped at the cutest turquiose, hot pink and sky blue fruit stand with a huge wooden sign that read Organic Apples and Green Chiles for sale. Well, you know I am going to stop for organic produce. LOL LOL LOL As I was buying the organic apples and the yummiest green chiles ever I was chatting up the lady farmer selling me her crops. I thanked her for growing organic food (as I had been eating organic for about 6 years by then) that was so beautiful, fresh and fragrant! She responded by telling me that she became a farmer of organic food because she had been farming with chemical pesticides and chemical fertilizers while she was pregnant many years ago. While she was pregnant her baby died while it was still inside of her at 6 months along. The doctors told her that exposure to pesticides had caused trouble to the baby after she paid for a top quality autopsy. I was so thrilled that I had been eating 99% organic for years already by the time I heard her story. It is up to all of us to take care of our earthly mother.

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