Building Resilience Affirmation

I have a chance today to exercise my muscles of resilience. It is possible for me to be more resilient today than I was yesterday. There are many ways to build up my battery of resilience a few of the best ways to be resilient are;

1. To breathe deeply when ever I feel my stomach wrench or my jaw clench with frustration. When I breathe deeply over and over again I am able to calm my entire body. Deep breathing is my superpower when I practice daily.

2. Using the power of my imagination I visualize myself conquering my problems. I imagine myself in my ideal body. I use my powerful mind to remind me of how capable I am and how I have overcome my problems in the past. I become my own cheerleader. I encourage myself every time a fear enters my heart. I repeat I am strong. I am enough. I am worthy of accomplishing my dreams. I am capable of succeeding!

3. If all else fails to encourage me I laugh at how serious I am taking this silly problem. I think of my life five years in the future and realize how ridiculous all my fears are. I am a spiritual being capable of miracles with a little practice and dedication! Every hero has a beating heart just like me! It is up to me to develop my superpowers then use my powers to create solutions that help me and my community.

As I strengthen my ability to be patient, accepting and caring it seems I receive the benefit of enjoying each day a bit more. I feel lighter when I am able to exude peace in situations that use to baffle me. My heart expands when I express support instead of expressing condemnation. My entire body relaxes when I practice being grateful for everything. It lifts my spirits to not be weighted down by the problems of every government, all people in trouble and even my own petty issues.

My emotions are my powerhouse for resilience. My emotions help me cope with all relationships and situations when I listen to my emotions. My emotions are my guide. When I feel happy I am taking actions that please me. My faith helps me keep focused on my goals. My laughter makes all my days better and my ability to make up an uplifting story out of whatever mess I am living is what makes my life exceptionally groovy!

I am a joyous child of Universal Love and Universal Love is grateful I have mastered my emotions!

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