Being My Own Superhero Affirmation

Today is the chance I have been waiting for to bravely follow the path Universal Love wrote in my heart when I was conceived. I take actions that bring a sense of courage to my heart and I feel alive. I incarnated to express my gifts of kindness, compassion and helpfulness. The world needs me to share my superhero attributes with everyone I meet so that everyone I meet can also find their own inner superhero.

Helping a friend clean their messy house is one way for me to use my superpowers. The way to improve life on planet earth for myself is to help other people. Just think what would happen if I were to create centers in every city that taught people to be resilient and helpful. Places where people could go to be trained how to be effective in making positive changes in every community. Where Compassionate Communication, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Emotional Freedom Technique, deep breathing, meditation and personal responsibility are taught, modeled and witnessed. Where myself and others sit around and speak only kind and uplifting words to everyone else in room. Creating a supportive space where people can share, learn and grow together is my passion.

To have the ability to open my heart to the pain of others without becoming so lost in their pain that I want to fix them instead of just being a great listener trusting the person will fix their own situation by hearing their own answer as they talk out their problems, with a me their trusted friend. Building friendship is also one of my superpowers that makes the world a better place to be. By imagining that everyone I meet, work with, live with, see on the internet or on the TV are actually my next best friend or my long lost brother or sister that was adopted out helps me feel confident when I meet a new person. I realize every person is scared just like me. I trust that the person in front of me has been hurt in some way and they need my care to feel safe.

Connecting to the hearts of everyone I meet is one of my favorite superhero power. Sharing my heart felt conversations and listening to the heartfelt conversations of others are what make life my worth living. For time immemorial the human population had no written word that is what makes me feel telling heartfelt stories and listening to heartfelt stories is so healing. Storytelling is a wonderful skill for every Superhero to hone including me.

The better I am at comforting myself when other people make me uncomfortable the easier it is to make new friends because I know I am able to deal easily with whatever is going to happen in this new friendship. I am emotionally intelligent. I practice responding to my new and old friends instead of reacting. I think and feel before I speak and act so that my responses are kind and creative. Using my superpower of forethought increases my chance of having a happy life every day.

I am a brave child of Universal Love and Universal Love is excited when I am expressing myself with forethought and patience.

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