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  • Laughing At Myself To Heal Affirmation

    Laughing At Myself To Heal Affirmation

    Using the power of laughter when I hurt myself, make a mess or forget to do something important to me, I am going laugh at myself instead of berate myself with my inner voice. I am a busy person who incarnated as a human being. All human beings make mistakes so I accept I make…

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  • Loving My Work Affirmation

    Loving My Work Affirmation

    I, ___(My Name Here)___, love my work. Since I am going to be spending about one third of my life creating abundance I choose to love whatever work I am doing in the moment. To me the most important part of working is discovering ways to enjoy the work I am doing as much as…

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  • Why I Love Affirmations! Podcast

    This week I felt like it would be fun to let you know why I am so passionate about writing affirmations. I really needed positive thinking books, self-help books, salesmanship books, success books, spiritual books and also Harry Potter! LOL Books saved my life so I hope to write affirmations capable of helping others be…

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  • Being My Own Superhero Affirmation

    Being My Own Superhero Affirmation

    Today is the chance I have been waiting for to bravely follow the path Universal Love wrote in my heart when I was conceived. I take actions that bring a sense of courage to my heart and I feel alive. I incarnated to express my gifts of kindness, compassion and helpfulness. The world needs me…

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  • May This “Speaking My Truth Affirmation” Bring You Comfort.

    May This “Speaking My Truth Affirmation” Bring You Comfort.

    Speaking My Truth Affirmation reminds me to stand up for myself and speak from my heart.

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  • Successful Grieving Affirmation

    Here is a link to my new podcast to celebrate 10 years of having my blog. :~) Thank you for being here. <3 https://anchor.fm/stephanie-cerins8/episodes/Successful-Grieving-Affirmation-e1lj8u4 My second book “Healing My Heart, After A Loss” https://www.amazon.ca/Healing-Heart-After-Loss-Affirmations/dp/B09M2LPDQW/ref=sr_1_1?crid=35HXDD5ODJ7CV&keywords=Healing+My+Heart%2C+After+A+Loss&qid=1658557465&sprefix=healing+my+heart%2C+after+a+loss%2Caps%2C167&sr=8-1

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