Loving My Work Affirmation

I, ___(My Name Here)___, love my work. Since I am going to be spending about one third of my life creating abundance I choose to love whatever work I am doing in the moment. To me the most important part of working is discovering ways to enjoy the work I am doing as much as I enjoy my hobbies. Making my work enjoyable by humming my favorite song, listening to my favorite podcast, audio book or focusing on my work as if it is my child makes fun. Taking pride in my work is a sure way for me to make my work more like play.

Realizing I have a choice about how I feel about my work uplifts my spirits. I can enjoy my job! I am performing a useful service the world needs doing. I bring a smile with me to work everyday because it makes my coworkers smile back at me (for the most part, LOL LOL LOL ). When I am exuding an attitude of gratitude my work load is lightened. Seeing the stack of papers on my desk or my emails overflowing my inbox I take a deep breath and remember “everything always works out the best for me”. I trust Universal Love wants the best for me.

I bring all good to me by exuding kindness, helpfulness and by being grateful for everything. Being grateful for my blunders as well as my success allows me to be able to laugh at myself in both situations.

I am a funny child of Universal Love and Universal Love laughs at me when I laugh at myself.

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