Letting Anger Go

I, ___(My Name Here)___, choose to make my emotions important to me. In the past I was annoyed by my emotions always getting me to feel frustrated and impatient. Today when I feel flummoxed I listen to my emotions so that my heart feels heard. When I listen to my feelings my heart relaxes faster then when I use to try and ignore my feelings hoping my feelings would go away. It is empowering that I am able to comfort my emotional self as if I am my own loving parent.

Being able to feel my feelings then release my feelings enables me to be able to enjoy my feelings instead of being controlled by my feelings. I am now able to befriend my feelings and trust my feelings. My feelings warn me of danger, help me laugh, allow me to grieve and most of all enable me to fall in love with myself first and then with everyone else.

My feelings feel safe when I take responsibility for my actions and words. My heart feels comfortable when I am able to be enjoy my joyous emotions as well as my fearful emotions.

Being able to witness my anger as if it is someone else’s anger helps me pause. I love when I am able to feel my anger then respond with forethought and kindness because I want to choose my actions with my heart. Every time I respond to my emotions I feel content with me. How I want to be when I am angry is compassionate. It is easier for me to be compassionate when my temper is high at the times I remember the first rule of being calm breathe deep, breathe deep, breathe deep.

I love when I break something or make a mistake and instead of being angry with myself I joke with myself saying something to myself like “Hey, you broke your favorite dish, now you get to go and find a new favorite dish to eat from! Every cell of my body relaxes when I am able to enjoy my messes and boo boos. I love being the calm eye of the storm. I am able to handle life with ease when I embrace my emotions as my guides.

I am an expressive child of Universal Love and Universal Love is thrilled I have learned to love and befriend my emotions.

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