Being Aware Of The Energy I Emit Affirmation

For me to have a life I love it is up to me to emit love as often as possible. While I am doing laundry I can love the inventor of the washing machine. When I see the announcer on the news telling me about who is fighting who in the world I pray a prayer that everyone in the conflict is safe. The only way for me to create peace in the world is to exude love. The more it is possible for me to release compassion and helpfulness into the world the more compassion and helpfulness there is in the world for all hearts to draw from.

I incarnated to produce love! I am in service to peace. Being a creator of harmony is what excites me. I am able to hold love in my heart in times of conflict. I am the human who thrives in chaos finding peace in the eye of the storm. In every situation there is something for me to learn. Since I choose to learn from every experience I prosper in good times and bad. One of the easiest ways to radiate love is to be grateful for everything. The practice of being grateful for everything brings joy to each moment.

Emanating encouragement brings joy to everyone I meet including me! The Karma I receive from expressing compassion is kindness, helpfulness and friendliness. People are happy to see me because I inflate their bubble of love. I infuse laughter in all that I do. When I make a mistake I am even grateful for that and I can laugh at myself instead of berating myself. My heart relaxes when I am emitting love and I feel safe.

Feeding the well of love in the world is what wakes me in the morning and feeling the love I have emitted is what puts me to sleep every night. I am capable of being the hero of my story. I stand bravely loving the rain as well as the sun. Knowing I need adversity to grow just like plants need poo to be strong I trust all is well in my world on the easy days and the hard days of my life. Being the master of my energy is the most profitable action I have ever taken.

I am an inspired child of Universal Love and Universal Love is pleased with me when I am the calmness in the storm.

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