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  • Accepting My Grief podcast

    Accepting My Grief podcast

    Here is this weeks podcast. We hope you enjoy it. We explore how to accept the grief and loss in our lives. New perceptions means growth and feeing alive. Please let us know what issues you are having in your life and April and I will create a personalized affirmation with a lovely image for…

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  • Sobriety Rocks Affirmation

    I drank for year and I am so happy to be sober. Hugs, Blessings,

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  • May This “Grieving My Friends” Affirmation Bring You Comfort.

    May This “Grieving My Friends” Affirmation Bring You Comfort.

    Stephanie and April discuss PATH (Planning Alternative Tomorrows with Hope). Five years ago April did a PATH for Stephanie. Stephanie and April talk about the PATH and all the goals that had come true in the last five years since they had done it. Just one of the goals Stephanie had put on the PATH…

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  • Interviewing Jules Hik Empowerment Coach

    It was the pleasure of Stephanie & April to interview Jules Hik.  Jules is a lady that has learned much from the school of life!  She is an intuitive with the skills of NLP and Hypnosis.  She helps with shifting ENERGY!  She studies Quantum Physics, a subject close to Stephanie’s heart.  Jules has written a book called…

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  • Coping With My Grief About My Loved One’s Addiction!

    Coping With My Grief About My Loved One’s Addiction!

    Here is tonight’s podcast! Coping With My Grief About My Loved One’s Addiction! We hope you never know what it is like to love someone who is addicted! If our podcast makes you smile, giggle or feel something please share it. Hugs :~) We love YOU! :~) <3 https://anchor.fm/stephanie-cerins/episodes/Coping-With-My-Grief-About-My-Loved-Ones-Addiction-e1pm19k

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  • Making Light of My Fears

    Making Light of My Fears

    The affirmation in this post is about making light of my fears to make my life easier. Having faith Rocks!

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  • Connecting To My Heart Affirmation

    Helping each and every Happiness Enhancer listening to this podcast to Connect to their heart is what this affirmation is about.  By being connected to our hearts we are able to be responsible for our words and actions.  So Happiness Enhancers remember to breathe, meditate and talk to your trustworthy friends.  Empower yourself with faith,…

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