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  • Enjoying Myself Affirmation

    Enjoying Myself Affirmation

    As I walk in the woods on this beautiful path of speckled light shining through the Fir, Cedar and Arbutus trees inhaling the invigorating smell of the forest, I feel alive. It is a miracle that I have finally fallen in love with me. Instead of investing my time and energy in another relationship I…

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  • Building Good Habits Affirmation

    Building Good Habits Affirmation

    I am excited to know that with dedication I can improve my life. The secret is I just need to create a few new habits. The good part about creating new habits is, that is something I am able to do in my own home. I am in charge of my habits. I can let…

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  • Being A Good Friend Affirmation

    Being A Good Friend Affirmation

    In order for me to be a good friend it is important for me to use all of my senses so I am able to pay attention to my friends body language, tone of voice and vibrational energy. As my friend tells me how her boss grabbed her ass with tears in her eyes, my…

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  • Being My Own Superhero Affirmation

    Being My Own Superhero Affirmation

    Today is the chance I have been waiting for to bravely follow the path Universal Love wrote in my heart when I was conceived. I take actions that bring a sense of courage to my heart and I feel alive. I incarnated to express my gifts of kindness, compassion and helpfulness. The world needs me…

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  • Releasing Stress Easily Affirmation

    Meditation is a coping technique adopted by many spiritual seekers throughout time! Today whatever news I hear about world events I trust that everything works out for the best for me! I shall use my emotional, physical and mental health for constructive actions. The world needs my common sense, calmness and open heart to express…

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  • Connecting With My Sexual Self

    When I love myself that is when I am fit to be loved by another! I, ___(My Name Here)___, choose to love my body in the form and shape that my body is in right now. I appreciate my sexy body. My body is capable of having an orgasm! It is up to me to…

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  • Patience Is Free Affirmation

    I, ___My Name Here___, am going to tend the plants and people in my life so that I am able to enjoy my life. Everything and everyone in my life needs me to be patient. My children enjoy being driven to school by me when I am singing to the radio or listening to them…

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  • Today’s Affirmation to Help Me Create Success.

    Today’s Affirmation to Help Me Create Success.

    I have a chance today to believe in me and my dreams. I am the only person who can inspire me to spend time accomplishing my dreams. I know what I am capable of and what I am willing to give to make my dream a reality. I spend time visualizing my dream. I imagine…

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  • Today’s Affirmation “Personal Responsibility Wins”

    Today’s Affirmation “Personal Responsibility Wins”

    I, (Insert My Name Here), choose to be responsible for all of my successes and my failures so that I feel whole. When I am accountable for my behaviour I am no longer a victim. I am a Victor! Being responsible in my life gifts me with feelings of empowerment and strength. Feeling empowered is…

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  • Making My Own Karma

    If we created in you a smile, a giggle, a tear or any emotions or thoughts please share our podcast so we can reach more people. Blessings,

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