Making Life Joyful Affirmation

I, ___(my name here)___, have a chance to prepare to be joyful today. Each moment of my life is a chance to apply my skill of being happy for every reason. I can be happy when I receive good news or I can be happy when I receive news I now have a problem in my life. Just because some issue has come up in my life that was unexpected and troublesome means I have a chance to enjoy this strife instead of getting upset about it all.

I shall look at this mess as if it is the perfect mess for me to clean up with joy in my heart. Anytime I make a mistake I say thank you to Universal Love for giving me this mistake at this time because now I can handle this mess! It feels good to have trouble in my life while at the same time having the emotional intelligence to handle my problems as if I am a wise spiritual master. Spiritual masters understand life is just a series of learning adventures. By adopting the attitude of being joyful everyday when I wake up in the morning wondering what I shall do today I remember whatever happens I am going to do my best to enjoy it and maybe even laugh at myself if I get to serious about being alive.

Life is messy I mean when I was born I just about ripped some lady I had not even met in half and she was still capable of loving me wholeheartedly until she drew her last breath. My ability to be able to enjoy the messiness of life is my ability to enjoy all of life. I incarnated to experience life. I only get to have this body for a short while so I am going to do my best to express as much joy as possible so that karmically joy will have to return to me.

It is up to me to enjoy cleaning my messes up as much as I enjoyed making the mess. When I have enjoyed the process of both making the mess and cleaning up the mess that is the ability to live a life of contentment. I am the only person who knows when I am content. It is up to me what my form of contentment is. As long as I am being of service, joyful and content that is all that matters to me. Putting out supportive vibes to my friends and family makes all of our lives better.

It is possible for me to make my life better and the lives of everyone around me by exuding joy, steadfastness and care. The bonus is that when I am exuding joy, steadfastness and care I feel satisfied!

I am an honest child of Universal Love and Universal Love is thrilled I am consciously choosing to exude joy.

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