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  • Season 2 Episode 61 Eating For Coolness Or Reducing Hot Flashes With The Reiki Healer Stephanie :~)

    Today, Stephanie got the pleasure of hosting a short podcast by her lonesome because April got called into work. She will share a bit about her journey through Menopause. Stephanie was plagued by night sweats for a few years and is still having hot flashes since she was 52. An Ayurvedic Practioner Stephanie knows named…

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  • Believing Believing In My Ability To Connect To Hearts With My WritingBelieving

    I, _________, have a chance today to share my ability to open the hearts of every person who reads my words. I embrace my opportunity to cheer up others with my uplifting attitude and friendly phrases. I write words that provide hope for the heart. My words have the ability to paint an image in…

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  • Tina Savea & her story of “The Kairos Blanket Ceremony”

    Tina Savea & her story of “The Kairos Blanket Ceremony”

    Stephanie Cerins and April Lee Taylor-Vance were blessed to be able to interview Tina Savea and learn about her amazing life and the story of “The Kairos Blanket Ceremony”. “The Kairos Blanket Ceremony” is a mind-blowing experience where blankets are spread across a big hall or gym and the history of Canada is told from…

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  • Being Adaptable Affirmation

    Being Adaptable Affirmation

    This affirmation is about the benefits of being adaptable to be able to relax with ease helps each of us to be able to respond to life in a calm manner.

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  • Successful Grieving Affirmation

    Here is a link to my new podcast to celebrate 10 years of having my blog. :~) Thank you for being here. <3 My second book “Healing My Heart, After A Loss”

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  • Being On “Living Your Juiciest Life Ever” Podcast!

    It was my blessing to be a part of the podcast “Living Your Juiciest Life Ever!” Kate interviews women who have discovered how to truly be happy. I felt honored to be asked to be a part of her inspiring new blog. The podcast is hosted by interviewer extraordinaire Kate Unger asked me to come…

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  • Today’s Affirmation; For Empowerment

    Today I stay focused on what I can do. I am capable of being helpful to the people in my family and community. It is possible for me to stay focused on my heart’s wisdom. When I breathe feelings of love, compassion, acceptance, willingness and kindness through my intuitive heart I am empowered. Each moment…

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  • Today’s Affirmation HIH #235 Going With The Flow

    When we allow ourselves to go with the flow our life falls into place. Blessings, Happiness Enhancers. I Love YOU. <3 :~)

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  • Today’s Affirmation HIH #144 Being Ethereal Energy

    Looking at the part of me that is energy helps me cope with the fact that one day I shall shed my earthly form and just be a glowing ball of ethereal energy. Thank you for exploring your sacred energy body. I love you. <3 :~)

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