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  • I Am Capable Of Change Affirmation

    I Am Capable Of Change Affirmation

    It is possible for me to change my life one choice at a time. The first step to changing my life is for me to decide what I really really want in my life. Once I have decided what I want then it is up to me to take concrete actions as often as possible…

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  • Woo Hoo HappinessHeals is 9 Years Old Today! Today’s Affirmation HIH #339 Believing In Me

    It is most important to me to believe that at my core I am an innocent child. I incarnated to explore planet earth with a child like heart. I trust that all my needs are taken care of before I realize I even have the need. I live in a supportive universe that only wants…

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  • Today’s Affirmation I Am Worthy Of Being Loved

    I, __________, have decided that I am worthy of being loved wholeheartedly. I surround myself with people who are openhearted, compassionate and emotionally intelligent. I choose friends that believe in my dreams which helps me believe in my dreams too. It is up to me to give myself permission to trust that it is important…

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  • Affirmation, Gratitude and Keeping My Word To Me

    Today’s Affirmation; I, spend time appreciate me today. It is important that I value me. In order to be happy I must keep my word to me. Each time I do what I say I am going to do myself worth grows a bit more. At the times when I set a goal for myself,…

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  • Affirmation, Gratitude and My Dreams

    Today’s Affirmation; I, _________, (insert me name here to believe in me) have a chance today to invest time in believing in me and my dreams. I spend a few moments actively taking steps to accomplish my goal. I could take a class. I could spend time looking into the mirror and repeat words that…

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