I Am Capable Of Change Affirmation

It is possible for me to change my life one choice at a time. The first step to changing my life is for me to decide what I really really want in my life. Once I have decided what I want then it is up to me to take concrete actions as often as possible toward my goals. Trusting Universal Love wants the best for me gives me the courage to accomplish my goals.

I incarnated to grow, learn and share what I have discovered to help other humans thrive. When I stop a habit which is harming me and replace my old habit with a new healthier habit every cell of my body rejoices. My body is counting on me to listen to it’s aches, rashes, and strains so I create habits that nurture my mitochondria, my gut flora, and my my brain.

Sometimes the changes I make to my diet or my life scare my friends and loved ones who are use to me the way I am. However, I realize my life is for me to live exactly how I choose to live. I reassure my loved ones how important the changes I am making are for my well-being and ask them to trust my judgement. Whatever anyone thinks about the healthy changes I am making I stick to my truth because my body is free of eczema since I quit eating grains and dairy. I feel great because I am taking naps so I can get eight hours of sleep in a twenty-four hour day.

It is up to me to buy whole fresh foods to nourish my body. My entire being is counting on me to get a good nights rest and drink a bunch of distilled water so my body can heal itself. My entire being also needs me to matter to me. I must make my needs as important as the needs of my friends and family. When I follow my dreams and goals my heart sings. I feel empowered each step I take to becoming an enlightened spiritual being. Every atom in my body thrives when I take a chance on my dreams. I am gentle with myself because I am perfectly imperfect just the way I am.

I am a capable child of Universal Love and Universal Love is proud of me for all the positive changes I am making in my life today!

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