Being Ok With My Life

Today I make an effort to accept whatever happens today as ok. If I get a reward for a job well done I accept the praise with ease. In the few times in my life someone has been upset with me I accept their displeasure with ease as well. Allowing myself to flow with the situations in my life as if everything that happens is exactly how I wanted it to have happen increases my chance of truly being ok.

When I am able to accept the circumstances in my life as being ok then every cell of my body is able to relax. When I am able to relax my heart is connected to the source of all life and I feel safe. Being comfortable in my human body is easier when I feel connected to life. I have learned the only aspect of my life I hope to have any control over is my attitudes, my perspectives, my thoughts and my emotions. Embracing the power of directing every cell in my body to be ok with everything in life creates in my heart comforting resilience!

Admitting I am a grand spiritual being helps me be ok with my life. To me the Ying/Yang symbol means me and everyone on planet earth are physical and spiritual being simultaneously. Trusting that my physical body has an expiry date allows me to enjoy every breath I take. It is easier for me to thrive when my heart is filled with contentment knowing at my core I am an enlightened spiritual being. I am the person who decides I am content so each day I take a concrete action that fills my heart with a sense gratitude. The easiest way for me to be content is to be grateful for everything!

I am a trustworthy child of Universal Love and Universal Love feels ok when I feel content.

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