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  • Patience Is A Gift I Give Myself Affirmation

    Patience Is A Gift I Give Myself Affirmation

    My days are easier when I make being patient my practice. At each traffic light, bank teller line, drivers license department line or waiting at the hospital for news of a loved ones condition are opportunities to calmly connect to my wise intuitive heart. I embrace my worry with patience and reassurance that everything is…

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  • Today’s Affirmation HIH #223 Patience Equals Happiness

    Today’s Affirmation Honing my skills of patience allows me to enjoy the changes going on in the world right now. I realize that I am energy that effects matter when I use my heart, mind and spirit in unison. Choosing to be patient is one of the most empowering habits it has been my pleasure…

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  • Today’s Affirmation HIH #156 Exploring Patience

    Exploring Patience with the heart of an adventurer increases the chance of having happy wrinkles. I am the boss of the amount of patience i have for every situation. I choose to be patient and I am content. Thank you for being here today. I Love YOU! Blessings,

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  • Today’s Affirmation Patience Is Free!

    I, __________, practice being patient in all I do today! When I make a mistake, or break something or my computer is acting up I remember to breathe. I choose to see each mistake, broken object and fussy computer are ways for me to practice the art of patience. Patience is a muscle in my…

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