Patience Is A Gift I Give Myself Affirmation

My days are easier when I make being patient my practice. At each traffic light, bank teller line, drivers license department line or waiting at the hospital for news of a loved ones condition are opportunities to calmly connect to my wise intuitive heart. I embrace my worry with patience and reassurance that everything is working out for the best no matter how dire the situation seems. Trusting that my heart is connected to the source of Universal Love even if the worst outcome happens I know my heart is resilient enough to have post traumatic growth in all situations.

I am capable of being calm and composed even after a car wreak because I was not mad at the driver who smashed into the boot of my car sending me into the middle of Hwy. 1 where I could have so easily been t-boned after being rear ended. It is possible for me to be the master of my emotions when I pay attention to what in happening in the present moment. When I am patiently cleaning the house I put on music and sing while I mop the floor, clean the windows with a golden bronze squeegee, and scrub the washroom with joy because my body is healthy and strong.

When I make being patient a practice each day then witness the results of how powerful it is to just take a few deep breaths have some empathy for the clerk who I am waiting to help me and find some thought or emotion inside of me that gifts me with calmness. One of the mantras that helps me most to be patient is “Patience is free”. When someone on the phone asks me if I can be on hold I do my best to ease their heart by saying “Patience Is Free Ya Know” 9 times out of 10 I get a laugh which makes my day. I am capable of contributing to the wellness of myself and everyone else on planet earth when I am patient.

I am a disciplined child of Universal Love and Universal Love is proud of me when I use my time to help myself and others. I am enough.

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