Today’s Affirmation Sharing My Truth With Loved Ones

Today’s Affirmation

I, __________, am willing to ask for help when I need help. I realize that talking to people who have my best interest at heart is another way to give and receive love. It is important to me that my friends and loved ones know that I need them as much as they need me. I am willing to be vulnerable enough to share the good and the grief in my life with trusted friends. By sharing my journey with people that are dependable I feel heard and whole. It is up to me to watch and listen to the people in my life and decide who really has my back, who is in my corner and who supports my wild dreams. I am an enlightened child of Universal Love and Universal Love knows I have good judgement.

I, Stephanie, am grateful for the trusted friends I have and I am also grateful for the people I have chosen to release. Thank you for being here. I Love YOU. <3 :~)

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