Today’s Affirmation Going The Extra Mile

I, __________, employ the habit of going the extra mile today. When I am able to be present to my emotional state in every interaction, job and conversation I feel safe. It is important for my spiritual growth that I pay attention to my emotions. My emotions are my guides to my boundaries. I choose to value the information my emotions offer me with an open heart. My emotions are important. My emotions are open to influence by my thoughts. I keep my thoughts focused on what I can do, what I can give, how I can contribute and then just trust that as I take care of what I can take care of that Universal Love takes care of me. I am a beloved child of Universal Love and Universal Love loves to be trusted by me.

I, Stephanie, am blessed to have the opportunity to share my affirmations with you. Thank you for spreading Love. I Love YOU! <3 :~)

Below is an enamel on glass that I was lucky enough to create with my mom’s, mom. My grandma Ponytail in 1990. She is still one of my angels. She was creative in art and in the kitchen.

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