Today's Affirmation Visualize My Ideal Life!

I, __________, visualize my perfect world. In my perfect world everyone would be helpful to their neighbours, their families and even to strangers. I use my powerful imagination to conceptualize how my relationships are when everyone treats me with love and respect. I see people listening to me. People are asking me what is important to me and my well being. In my mind’s eye are visions of me being accepted, loved, cherished and heard. It is up to me to connect to my spiritual world. Disconnect from my physical world so that I am able to co-create my ideal reality. I am a respected child of Universal Love and Universal Love helps me create my exquisite reality.

I, Stephanie, trust that I can create a better life for myself by loving the life I have created today. Thank you for co-creating a world of compassion. I Love YOU. <3 :~)

an image with a green background and many children hands on the paper next to each other in the shape of a heart.

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