Believing Believing In My Ability To Connect To Hearts With My WritingBelieving

I, _________, have a chance today to share my ability to open the hearts of every person who reads my words. I embrace my opportunity to cheer up others with my uplifting attitude and friendly phrases. I write words that provide hope for the heart. My words have the ability to paint an image in the mind of the reader to inspire them to make life-affirming decisions. Every sentence of mine that is read is my time to shine. My hope is that the words I write create a new perspective in the reader’s heart. 
There are people in the world that are hungry for my words. It is up to me to bravely express myself so that the humans that need my message can hear my writing. Trusting that Universal Love is on my side helps me keep writing. 
My uplifting stories help the reader connect to their wise, intuitive heart so that they can intuitively handle events that used to dumbfound them. 
My heart is connected to every heart that beats, so I remember that as I write every letter. I affirm myself with hopeful thoughts and use my imagination to visualize people reading my words and feeling better about themselves. The more hope I offer others, the more my heart overflows with hope. 
Visualizing people purchasing my book online, in bookstores, and sitting on the bookshelves of healers creates in my own heart a feeling of contentment. The clearer the image I can create in my imagination, the easier it is for Universal Love to help me accomplish my purpose of being the light of love through my words.
Incarnating to share love is what every heart that beats was created to do. The more I connect to my own heart by listening to its insistent voice of encouragement, the more I am able to hear what the hearts of others are expressing.

I am an intuitive child of Universal Love and Universal Love feels whole when I am connected to my heart and source energy. I am enough. :~)

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