Bravely Connecting With Friends

Today I have a chance to connect with people who inspire me. My time is valuable so I invest my moments with friends and loved ones who help me grow into an enlightened human. It is up to me to exude loving energy to myself first and to everyone I meet next. 

Every person I meet is scared of something or someone so I do my best to accept that everyone including me is perfectly imperfect. When I realize that everyone has problems it helps me manage my expectations. Trusting everyone is exuding exactly what they ought to be releasing allows me to relax. I need to be myself so I do my best to enjoy the successes and messes each of my loved ones experience in the hope they will have the patience to accept my perfectly imperfect self. 

Being calm and caring is the best way I have found to connect with myself and others. Now in my conversations with friends my heart is in charge of my words. My plan is to uplift the people in my life by being patient, calm, caring and easy going. I choose to be a good listener in the hopes that my loved ones feel heard. I open my mouth only to encourage the hearts of my friends with honest praise. Everyone needs to feel supported to thrive. My plan is to be the source of support my the people in my life. I choose to be someone my people can count on. My friends know I will be there to help them move in, hold their hand in times of trouble and trust that I have their back. 

The best thing I can be in life is a loyal friend. Since having loyal friends in my life is a priority it is up to me to be a supportive and patient friend. When my loved ones think of me my goal is their heart will fill with feelings of comfort and ease. I bravely love my friends and loved ones as if they are perfect people who will live forever and support me in my perfect way because I am hoping for the same thing from them. 

Building community one conversation at a time heals my heart and may comfort the hearts of others.

I am an accomplished child of Universal Love and Universal Love feels comforted when I am comforting my people. 

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