Affirmation, Gratitude and Cattails

Today’s Affirmation; I, Stephanie, (insert your name here if you like) have but this one life time to share the gifts that have been bestowed upon me by life. I share the gift of love as often and freely as I can. I invest in my innermost self with loving words, phrases and sentences. I repeat, calmness is the most beautiful jewel of wisdom, I repeat, I am safe, I repeat, I think before I act or speak, I repeat, I am one with all life, I repeat, am love and light. I repeat these words with passion, commitment and clarity until I become these words and can be an example of what I want to see in our world. I get to do this with my time as a service to love and light, that which created me and caused my heart to beat when I was just 25 days into existing, before my mom knew I was even inside her. I am hope, light and faith in action. I allow all good to come to me. I am open to receiving, as giving and receiving are one. Thank you for your time.
I am grateful for a wonderful raw food potluck we attended last night we connected with many wonderful friends and I got to fulfill a dream I have had for decades I got to eat Cattails/Bull Rushes and they tasted yummy, for learning how and when to harvest all the parts of cattails and for the opportunity to experience something I had thought about for years I was gratitude dancing all night. I love when things happen that I have dreamed of for years, as that is what inspires me to keep dreaming! Thank you for your time. Thank you for sharing your loving and perfect self with me.
a colourful image of an original watercolour painting of a person and a bird connected and  caring for each other the colours are yellows, blues, reds, greens and white.
This watercolour painting created by my kind and helpful husband Robert Cerins was inspired by the human need to love.

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