Affirmation, Gratitude and KarmaTube

Today’s Affirmation; I, Stephanie, (insert your name here if you like) fill my mind with thoughts of being safe, thoughts of being perfect just the way I am, thoughts of appreciation for all I have, I have a home that is safe where everyone speaks in calming tones of voice 99% of the time, I have food in the refrigerator, I have toilet paper, I have lots of clothes, I have shoes and socks, I have a loving family, I have friends that love and accept me just as I am, I have a body that works well and carries my soul to many interesting places and emotional states. However, most of all I have a loving and hopeful heart that believes that at the core of every person is a little child that only wants to be loved. So that in itself inspire me to love you and me just as we are now.

Today I am grateful for KarmaTube a web site that provides good news and inspires me to be even more loving, generous and compassionate, for Nipun Mehta the founder of a company that promotes giftivism, believes in the generosity of the human spirit and inspires my heart, and for the internet that inspires me daily that being loving, being generous and being kind are worthy goals that truly improve the lives of the people on my planet. Thank you for spending time with me. Thank you for sharing your loving spirit with me. I Love You. :~) ♥

An image of a blue fish and a couple of guitars beneath the water.
An image of a painting that Robert Cerins created to remind us that even fish love music. :~)

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