My Mom’s “Fun”eral

A few months ago my husband Robert and I were talking about Funerals and then Robert said “what if we said the word the way is was spelled “Fun”eral”.  So I said “what a fabulous idea!”  That is how I want to go with a “Fun”eral.

So when My mom transformed back to pure consciousness on July 28th I wanted to give my Mom a “Fun”eral instead of a funeral.

My step-father and I started the “Fun”eral by buying my Mom a new lacy teal green dress that was shimmery in the lights of the department store.  My Mom would be ready for a night out at any moment, for the rest of time.  We picked out a pair of mother of pearl earrings set in sterling silver for her ears, we picked a sparkling amethyst ring set in gold to adorn her hands, we matched the mother of pearl earrings with a sterling silver turtle made out of mother of pearl and we included the purse she was using at the time of her transformation.  The image hand painted on the purse was a pair of long sexy legs belonging to a young woman wearing a beautiful blue dress, she was standing next to a bright red motor scooter.  I thought it was the perfect purse because the young woman painted on the purse was traveling on her scooter and my mom was traveling to her final resting place.

My mom loved to buy sweet snacks, purses, make-up, jewelry, clothes, small kitchen appliances, and presents for her friends and loved ones.  I thought it would make my mom’s “Fun”eral even funner to give the attendees of her “Fun”eral each a gift of my mom’s ungifted presents.  I made 3 or 4 baskets containing treats of all kind from my mom’s stash of goodies and put the wicker baskets filled with presents on the table at the reception of the “Fun”eral.  It seems as if everyone enjoyed the treats I brought to share as there was not too much left over.  It was a joy to witness everyone looking at my mom’s stuff deciding what gift would be best for them.  I thought then every time the person looks at the gift they received at the “Fun”eral they would think of my mom and that would make my mom happy.

It warms my heart that so many people got a little piece of my mom’s presents because my mom bought the treats with love in her heart and adventure in her spirit and you can bet that everything I gifted at the “Fun”eral had been bought while it was “On Sale” my mom’s two favourite words.

If you want ideas on how to create a “Fun”eral for your loved ones connect with me.  As I feel that “Happiness Is Healthy” I even want “Fun”erals to have a bit of joy in them to off set the grief.

Blessings,  I LOVE YOU!

an image of two ladies looking at a table filled with presents.
Checking out the presents at the “Fun”eral for Vicki Sorensen Hart.
an image of a table with four gift baskets on it as well as images on a poster board of Vicki through out her life.
Images of the make-up, purses, and small gifts to be shared at Vicki Sorensen Hart’s “Fun”eral.

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