Writing Once Again, Happy To Be Back

Good Day Happiness Enhancers,

After a wonderful summer filled with adventure, transformation, moving and settling in, it is time for me to get to writing once again.

This summer we found the most perfect home in Chemainus, BC.  In October we will be having an opening of our Arts & Healing Space.  Where we will sell Robert Cerins’ Designs Original Art, Original Art To Wear, Art In Miniature To Wear and Giclee Prints of his original paintings and hopefully greeting cards for the Art part of the space.

an image of a house with light beige walls and red trim. There is a lilac bush in the yard and green grass.
It is wonderful to have a home on the first floor. We love our little home. :~)

Just a few days after we moved into our new home I got a call from my Step-Father Don (never a good sign) he said “my mom slide out of her wheel chair and broke her hip.”  Also he said “your mom’s in a lot of pain in her neck.”  As the days progressed the amount of pain medication that it took to rid her of her pain was too much for her brain the side effect being that she was sleeping all the time.  I made my plane reservation home and when I called my mom from Sea-Tac Airport to let her know the first leg of my journey was a breeze, Don let me know that my mom had transformed back to pure energy or consciousness.  So needless so say buying a coffin, getting my mom her last dress and writing her obit has kept me quite busy.

an image of a lady all dressed up on her wedding day. She is holding a bouquet of flowers and she is smiling big. :~)
The photo we used for my mom’s obit. The photo is from the day she married the second love of her life. :~)

For the healing part of the space Stephanie will provide relaxing Reflexology and Reiki to her clients.  Stephanie’s goal in her healing sessions is to encourage your physical body and your energy body to totally relax.  When a body is relaxed that is the time the body heals.  Stephanie guarantees you will feel relaxed and comforted from her sessions.

We hope this finds you being grateful for some aspect of your life thus staying connecting to the flow of source energy.  Blessings,


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