Gratitude For Death and Life

Today I am grateful for Dia de Los Muertos because I need new ways to perceive, explore, experience and express death.
I choose to embrace death the same way I embraced birth with a feeling of joyous adventurousness. It is important to me to be able to thrive even when death approaches because I am a spiritual being having a human experience. The ability to enjoy the process of aging is my goal. Thank you for bravely embracing death with the heart of a bold explorer! I Love YOU!
P.S. This is one of the shirts I received because my mom shed her mortal coil and transformed back to pure energy! Love You Vicki Hart! I enjoy learning new ways to grieve so that I am at peace with the process of life and death. <3 :~) 😍 💀 ☮️
an image of a lady wearing a shirt that has images of skeltons in colourful clothing to celebrate our loved ones that have passed on.
Getting to wear my Mom’s shirt on Dia de los Muertos is comforting my heart!

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