Happiness Enhancing #1

Today my gratitude is for transforming my body. Last year at this time my body weighed 155 pounds. Today my body weighs 135 pounds. It was my goal for my 53rd birthday to have six pack abs.

Which means to me that caring for my body has become is a priority. Every week of 2018 me and my body exercised. It was a force of wills at almost every workout but by following my heart which knows my body need to be strong to have a happiness in my life me and my body cooperated and six pack abs and a healthy life are more of a reality than ever.

My commitment is to share how my transformation occurred for me. My hope is that my store will encourage you to create a life you are proud to live. I love you!

What are you grateful for?

Here is my latest attempt at Happiness Enhancing. :~) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G-Yy0sAuMHo

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