Today’s Affirmation Trusting Life

Today’s Affirmation!

I, _____________, allow all good to come to me today. I am open to all my needs being met. I trust that I am worthy of my needs being met. I visualize my perfect future in my minds eye. It is up to me to place my future in my capable hands. I am a co-creator of my world. What do I choose to create today? I choose to create in my heart a feeling of love so that I am able to share my love with every heart that beats. When I exude love my being is saturated with love and I feel serene. I am a cooperative child of Universal Love and Universal Love smiles with satisfaction when my heart sends forth love to every heart.

I, Stephanie, do my best to allow love to seep into my every cell so that I am capable of sharing love with everyone I meet. Thank you for being here today. I Love YOU! <3 :~)

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