Today’s Affirmation Loving The Women In My Life!

I, _________, honour all the women that lived before me so that I could exist. I am grateful to have an opportunity to be an example of an empowered woman to everyone I meet. I stand up straight and I feel strong. I look people in the eye with the understanding that they have fears just as I do. I look into the hearts of each person I meet to see the faith that resides in their core. I bravely speak my truth so that my heart sings with connections to every woman on the planet. I consciously meditate on my connection to the women in my past and present. It is my goal to be a compassionate lady. I am a caring child of Universal Love and Universal Love feels my strength and rejoices!

I, Stephanie, am blessed to spread love here with the hopes of inspiring each person to spread love on planet earth in their own perfect way. <3 :~)

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