Today’s Affirmation Staying Sane!

I, __________, help myself stay sane by planning what I shall do now to feel normal. I think about the amazing party of friends I shall have over soon. I visualize when I can go and hug my parents and grandparents once again. When I am feeling out of sorts I trust in the process of life. I know that I incarnated to be challenged. I write the outline for the book that needs to be written by me. I think about the new business opportunities there will be. I use my smart brains to imagine new possibilities. It is up to me to find what the world needs and do my best to fill the needs of my world and community. I confront the issues of my world with an open heart and look for ways to build acceptance and cooperation. I keep my head in all situations and I feel centred. I am a competent child of Universal Love and Universal Love knows I have many gifts to offer the world.

I, Stephanie, love the feelings I get when I am helpful, cooperative and compassionate. It is up to me to exude tender-heartedness to everyone I meet. As long as I am kind there will be kindness on earth. Thank you for being kind. I Love YOU. <3 :~)

an image of a beautiful young woman with dark hair, wearing a white sweater with a black t-shirt underneath the sweater,  meditating in the sun on a rock in a park with flowers.

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