Today’s Affirmation Meditation Creates Calmness

I, __________, plant seeds of success in the garden of my mind when I embrace what is possible. Since I am home an extra amount of time right now I make time to meditate. Meditation is the time tested way to find serenity in every situation human kind creates. All the great mystics meditated because that is where our connection to source energy lives inside of everyone. I quiet my mind by breathing deeply, with my eyes closed, to focus my energy inward, to give my heart a chance to connect to universal love. It is up to me to exercise my muscles of meditation. I never break a sweat when I exercise my cerebral cortex by meditating. Meditation increases my ability to be flexible in my mind and my emotions. With persistence it is possible for me to become a spiritual master. I am a relaxed child of Universal Love and Universal Love waters my seeds of success.

I, Stephanie, love to plant seeds in my mental garden and pull out the weedy thoughts. It is up to me to cultivate the seeds of compassion, kindness, patience, willingness, acceptance and helpfulness. Thank you for planting constructive seeds in the soil of your mind. I Love YOU! <3 :~)

an image of a person dressed in orange with creamy coloured skin holding a brass singing bowl in one hand and the stick that rubs the bowl and makes the bowl sing.

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