Season 2 Episode 61 Eating For Coolness Or Reducing Hot Flashes With The Reiki Healer Stephanie :~)

Today, Stephanie got the pleasure of hosting a short podcast by her lonesome because April got called into work. She will share a bit about her journey through Menopause. Stephanie was plagued by night sweats for a few years and is still having hot flashes since she was 52. An Ayurvedic Practioner Stephanie knows named Asrael (who gives the best full body Ayurvedic Hot Oil Massages, BTW), helped her cure her awful night sweats. When Stephanie asked Asrael “Do you know anything that can help my night sweats” Asrael replied “Stop eating garlic and ginger and you will stop sweating the bed”. Stephanie did not believe Asrael but took her advice to heart, stopped eating garlic and ginger, and to Stephanie’s delight, the hot flashes were gone Here is Asrael’s website if you are ever in Tennesse and are interesting in an Aryuvedic Hot Oil Massage connect with here on FB

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