Today’s Affirmation “Personal Responsibility Wins”

I, (Insert My Name Here), choose to be responsible for all of my successes and my failures so that I feel whole. When I am accountable for my behaviour I am no longer a victim. I am a Victor!

Being responsible in my life gifts me with feelings of empowerment and strength. Feeling empowered is confidence building and encourages me to reach for my goals. It is up to me to do my personal growth so that I am able to enjoy each and every day of my life. Saying YEAH! I made that BAD choice means that I can change and then make Good choices maybe even GREAT choices!

When I include my heart in all the decisions I make I feel safe. My heart is my guide because my heart started to beat when I was an embryo before I ever had a brain. My entire body, mind and spirit are aligned when I listen to my heart. Listening to my heart is a skill I can hone with practice. My heart is patiently waiting for me to access it’s infinite wisdom. My heart speaks in whispers at first so I must listen to my heart like I have the ears of an elephant. Once I have heard my heart it is up to me to take constructive action. Moving forward on the information I have gleaned from my heart then seeing the positive results of my actions encourages me to continue to lean into my heart for knowledge.

In the moment I do not get the positive result I was searching for I realize that it was my ego not my heart that I heard. My heart helps me know when it is speaking instead of my ego by leaving me feel at ease. My ego always gives me a feeling of unrest and tension about my plans. My heart brings me comfort! I choose to make a plan to sit quietly for 5 to 10 minutes from now on before making any more important decisions so that I am doing my best to make great choices for ME and My FAMILY!

My life feels grounded and peaceful since I have taken responsibility for my life. I bring a sense of calmness to everyone I meet because I am ok with me. I love my mistakes. I love my messes. I embrace life so that I may embrace death.

I am even learning to enjoy the unrest in the world because living from my heart means I am spirit while still having a human body.

I am a cherished child of Universal Love and Universal Love is able to meet my needs when I take responsibility for my actions and reactions.

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