Comforting Chaos

It is up to each of us to create our own comfort out of chaos!

I, ___(Your Name Here)___, have a chance today to be brave. Whatever the problems of the world today I choose to have faith that everything works out for the best for me. I ensure that everything will work out good for me by emitting love, kindness and acceptance in everything I do to the best of my human ability. 

I make a decision now that whatever happens every day I am going to trust I will be ok and that I could even thrive in situations that use to frustrate me. It is up to me to make sure that I have post traumatic growth in as many areas in my life possible. 

Knowing that the only aspect of life I can control is how I respond. I choose to patiently answer each situation as if I am a wise spiritual master who knows life is finite and infinite at the same time. I incarnated to be of useful service to everyone I meet just as everyone else I meet on planet earth was created to be of useful service to every other being that breathes including me.

My ability to trust I live in a supportive universe is the basis for me having a life filled with adventure and acceptance. As long as I am able to focus on what I can give, I feel fulfilled. I repeat over and over again “I live in a supportive universe.” “I live in a supportive universe.” “I live in a supportive universe.” until I feel my heart relax and my spirits lift. 

It is possible for me to have emotional intelligence. I can hone my skills of being patient, being open minded and being honest with myself that having a content life is dependent on my ability to focus my emotions and thoughts on what I can contribute. I use my powers of concentration to imagine the world I want to live in and work as much as possible to create the world of my imagination. 

Universal Love is my partner for creating the world I imagine. I trust Universal Love is counting on me to create a peaceful world as much as I am counting on the compassion of Universal Love to help me create a peaceful world. Every person on earth is actually counting on me to shine my light of love everywhere I go, to tell my truth to everyone I meet and to see every person on earth as my brother and sister as we are all genetically 99.9% the same as each other. I have the ability to create in my heart the feeling that every person on earth is My Family!

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