Affirmation and Gratitude

Today’s Affirmation; I, Stephanie, (insert your name here if you like) practice loving me today. I love my toes. I love my feet. I love my ankles. I love my calves. I love my knees. I love my thighs. I love my butt. I love my parts that make me feminine. I love my stomach. I love my liver it is the biggest organ in my body. I love my gallbladder. I love my pancreas. I love my lungs. I love my heart. I love my brain. I love my spirit, the part of my that is, was and always will be. I love every cell of my body and the Universe fills all of my cells with love to their fullest. I love all my emotions. I love YOU! Thank you for sharing your passionate self with me. ♥ :~)

Today I am grateful for my husband Robert Cerins as when I arrived home from work yesterday he had organized our great room and I felt relieved and relaxed as I gazed into our new living space, for the best grower/gardner ever Paul Plenti (aka Plabo) we are eating greens and cilantro grown right in Cowichan Bay and he has lots more If you want local delicious and nutritious greens call Pablo at 250-746-1764, and for people that believe in their dreams and beliefs enough to write them down or explain them so that I may learn to reach my highest inner state to master my emotions. Thank you for sharing your soft and loving self with me. ♥ :~)

Growing Together

An image of an original painting created by artist Robert Cerins.
I love the contrasting colours and the energy the painting shares with the observer.

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    • Good Day Susanna,
      Thank you for the comment! Wow, if you ever want help being grateful just let me know. My speciality is being grateful for everything. After reading many self help and spiritual books I have discovered that cultivating a sense of gratitude in myself helps me in all areas of my life. I have found that being grateful for the little things is a great place to cultivate gratitude. I look forward to a long lasting connection with you. Thank you again for your comment. Take Care & Have Fun,

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